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Seven Valleys Borough

Seven Valleys Borough
York County, Pennsylvania

Seven Valleys Borough was incorporated August 23, 1892.

Seven Valleys Borough has a population of 517 according to the 2010 Census.


Updated February 28, 2015

Sidewalks to be kept clear of snow and ice

The Borough is authorized to have snow and ice removed from sidewalks in the Borough where the snow and ice has not been cleared by the owners/occupants to a width of at least 3 feet within 24 hours from when the snow stops falling or ice stops accumulating. A listing of such properties will be made by Borough Officials along with a photo of each offending property. The list will be forwarded to a snow removal service. The Borough will cause the violation to be corrected by having the snow and ice removed. The Borough will further collect the cost of remedying and correcting the violation from the responsible person together with a $35.00 administration fee. An invoice will be sent to the owners/occupants. If there is a second offense, the second invoice will include a letter explaining that if there is a third offence, criminal charges will be filed with the District Magistrate, in addition to the cost of the snow removal invoice. If the invoice is not paid within a specified time of 10 days, the invoice will be collected by municipal lien with a $350.00 lien filing fee included.

2014 Fall Newsletter

Snow Events

When it is apparent that there will be an accumulation of snow, residents are asked to park off the streets so that the snow removal contractor can do an efficient job of clearing the streets. Snow and ice removed from your property shall not be thrown onto the street. The addition of thrown snow onto the streets is dangerous to motorists. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Road Closings as reported to York County Emergency Services (911)

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Building Permit Officer/Zoning Officer

Wayne Smith

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